you are shaking fists & trembling teeth. 

i know: you did not mean to be cruel.
that does not mean you were  kind


NAME: R'tano Laema
AGE: 26
GENDER: Cis-Male
SEXUALITY: Demisexual
RACE: Miqo'te, Keeper/Seeker
HEIGHT: 5'9''
HAIR: Two-toned, gunmetal.
EYES: Seafoam
OCCUPATION: Bloodsands Pitfighter, Odd-Jobber


At a glance, R'tano comes off as a brash individual who seems more resentful, loud, vulgar, and grumpy than anything else.He appears to have a difficult time around large social settings that defer to proper management of holding one's tongue.Outsiders would assume this Miqo'te always has a chip on his shoulder and while that is endearing in the ring, it doesn't always mesh well in a civilized world.



SKIN: Mocha
MARKINGS: White clan cheek marks.
FEATURES: Fangs, Slit Pupils
PIERCINGS: Ears & Chest Bars.
SCARS: Usually hidden; faded rope-like burn scarring around wrists, back lashes, & a burn scar in the shape of a hand on left hip.


Native and orphan to Ul'dah; a childhood begging for scraps, stealing, and causing the usual uproar of an angry but capable street rat. Notorious for getting into fights with the other children and even adults, R'tano soon found promise in the "Bloodsands" as a pit fighter after he knocked out one of their upcoming contenders before a championship match.When he came of age, the Miqo'te took to the pits to take on man and monster to earn coin and merit with sponsors.[BELOW IS NOT KNOWN BY MANY]
As one not able to be healed through traditional aetherical magic (without consequence), R'tano is pinned as the underdog with "fixed" matches. Certain lower league Syndicate members of Ul'dah along with their merchant rings know of this and use it to their advantage (NPC unless interest is shown by 3rd party).
Rumor has it that he doesn't stop fighting fixed matches due to threats against the current children of the orphanages he grew up in.


  • As advertised, he's a pit fighter. This is entertainment for others and a lifestyle for him. Your character may have placed a bet on him in the ring for money -- either for him to win or lose. You can confront or congratulate, naturally!

  • Given his status at the Coliseum, it's possible your character recognizes him from Ul'dah if they are a regular or semi-regular visitor. Has a penchant of being brutal and playing dirty to win.

  • Has a vast dislike for Chocobo.

  • Those looking to spar may find a good match with him.

  • Ul'dah's orphans, both current and those of the past will recognize him immediately as one of their own. Most regard him in positive light. Your character, if of the same background, could be the opposite or the same! I'd love to collaborate.

  • Avoids deep water.

  • If the pay is good, body-guarding, hired security, and the like are not off the table. Persuasion comes in more than just coin form as well. ie; blackmail, threats, etc.

  • Seeker + Keeper features; your character can take note of this.

  • R'tano is an orphan of Ul'dah and has been for as long as he can remember. He is also indebted to the gladiator's coliseum for it's blood money and thus probably owes a few favors to political or authoritative figures. (NPC or PC if those are interested)

  • Aetherical sensitives will notice he has a whole ton of the stuff. Those with "sight" just might be blinded by looking at him. However, most people will take notice he refrains from using aether as much as possible.

  • Doesn't have a great reputation with the Brass Blades. SHOCKER.



  • Mare code available upon request.

  • NO: Underage or lalafell characters (I'm fine with SFW lalafell interactions).

  • HEY GUESS WHAT? If R'tano is acting like a dick to you? It's IC-only, I promise I have nothing against you. R'tano on the other hand? No promises. If he becomes a little too much, feel free to let me know and I will absolutely try to accommodate.

  • Drama-mongerers and people who gate-keep others from RPing with certain groups will not have say in who I write with. Move along.

  • RNG (/random) fights are fine with me, just ask before suddenly trying to wail on my character.

  • YES: PLOT! Also great with -- casual themes, violence, aetheric based things, dark, mature, slice-of-life, comical, light-hearted, long-term interaction. I do not have have any triggers, but I will abide by yours.

  • I'm pretty chill and laid back. Just know that I always won't be logged on due to a heavy-hour work week and obligations of IRL nature.

  • NSFW (aka ERP, I don't tend to think blood/gore as that), is fine. Just needs to make sense but also not be the only theme of the interactions.

  • Discord available to RP partners that I'm comfortable enough with and have had some standing in content and/or known for awhile.

  • If you haven't figured it out already, I'm well above the legal age for any NSFW content and I strive to stay engaged with other fellow adults who are mentally mature enough to separate IC from OOC.